cattle trailer

Cattle Trailer Servicing

Keep your Cattle Trailers in order and legal on the road.

Taking just 5 minutes of your time to read this could save you money & points on your licence.

VOSA are getting very strict on your trailer being as safe as possible on the road and are issuing points as well as hefty fines for your trailer not being road worthy. Below are some examples:

  • No brake snag wire : 3 points £60 fine
  • Bold-worn tyres : 3 points £60 fine per tyre
  • No brakes on trailer : Trailer seized from you (unless trailer is of spec)
  • Lights out on trailer : Trailer seized from you
  • Wrong number plate : 3 points £60 fine
  • No number : £60 fine


Here at Pigney’s we will strive to provide a service to give you peace of mind on your journey and for what it would cost to have your trailer serviced every 12 months or 6000 miles as recommended it would not be cost-effective to not bring your trailer to us.

Your service will consist of :-

  • Suspension check for wear
  • Full brake shoes & drum inspection & adjustment
  • Wheel bearings checked for wear & play
  • Wheel bearings re-greased
  • Brake cables checked for wear
  • Lights & wiring check
  • Hitch & bello check & re-greased
  • Brake snag wire checked for wear & fraying
  • All tyres inspected for wear & tyre wall cracking
  • Wheel nuts tightened to torque settings

Contact Ali Hindson on 07771 358749 or 017683 51240 to book your trailer in now.