light bulbs

‘Old Style’ Light Bulbs ARE BACK

Over the last few years the traditional light bulb has been phased out and replaced by the more energy efficient halogen and LEDs. This has meant that coming in a for a light bulbs isn’t just as simple as it once was and has not only been baffling for our customers but us as well.

Halogen and especially LED bulbs have major advantages in energy saving but come at a cost to you the customer with the average LED costing around £4 compared the old style element bulbs which cost £1! There was always the dimmable problem with the new light bulbs leaving meaning this dimmable feature was useless these days.

Worry no more and the ‘old style’ light bulb is back coming in bayonet 60w & 100w as well as screw fitting. Some candle and golf ball bulbs will also be back.

Pop in store now to find out more information and get all your bulbs for the dark nights.