Professional Emperor 1.3G fireworks in stock

We are fully stocked from garden selection boxes and roman candles to big 200 shot barrages! Have a look at our catalogue and then pop into our hardware shop, these sell fast so please get in contact if you wish to reserve any.


Panther Selection Box

£25 RRP £29.99

A mixture of Roman Candles, Aerial Shots and Fountains make this a great addition to any Bonfire Night. Contains 22 pieces.

Buy along side our 5 pack Rockets for only £30

Overload Rockets 18pk

£35 RRP £48

A mammoth pack of pure 1.3G endulgence. A variety of effects and sizes. Contains 8 effects. Pack of 18.

View video here

£35 RRP £43

Sky Dazzler Extreme certainly lives up to its name. 25 Beautiful Sky Dazzling Shots of 4 Alternating Effects of Contrasting Colours - Red Comet into Bright White Glitter with Red Pistil, Green Comet into Neon Green Glitter with Silver Coconut, Silver Comet into Deep Red Glitter with Purple Pistil, Green Comet into Golden Glitter with Green Coconut.

View video here

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