NEW Eley VIP Steel Eco Pro Wad IN STOCK


12 bore Steel 32g 5 shot NOW IN STOCK – Prices starting from £9.68 per 25

The product is loaded as a Standard Performance Steel Shot load and will compliment most guns commonly available on the market. However, if you have any questions about the suitability of your gun to shoot steel shot please consult The BASC website or your local gunsmith 

Recently shot by Pigeon Guru Geoff Garrod on the Shooting Show TV a full product test was done in field to put the wad and the product through it’s paces


  • The cartridge contains a water-soluble wad that is 100% compostable perfect for shooting over water – Pro eco wad dissolves in 24 hours in the water
  • 100% Hydro soluble wad made with All Organic materials that are Non-Toxic to the environment in a normal climate will degrade in 30 days and breakdown into the soil in 3 months
  • 100% ecologically friendly
  • No plastic contained in the wad – once it breaks down (over a three month period) it leaves no trace
  • The cartridge case is recyclable
  • The cartridge wad is in a shot cup format and has been extensively tested to ensure no compromise in ballistics vs plastic wads.
  • Perfect for all Wildfowlers where shooting over water is a concern

Eley Hawk is the first UK manufacturer to launch a fully biodegradable and dissolvable wad for steel cartridges that will leave no trace in the environment. The products will be launched at the industry-leading Consumer and Trade show the British Shooting Show 2019 at the NEC Feb 15th – 17th 2019

The wad is made of Hydrosoluble ingredients that dissolve within 24 hours in water ( less if the water is moving) It leaves behind no plastic residues and breaks down into biomass and with its trace minerals will actually have a positive composting effect on the soil it breaks down into.

The new hydrosoluble wad is 100% biodegradable and all its additives are of vegetable biomass origin, making it compliant with international standards. Not only does the wad not harm the environment, but it turns into compost (CO2, mineral salts and biomass), actively adding positive nutrients into the soil.

“The hydrosoluble wad is a testament to Eley Hawk’s commitment towards innovation. We continuously work to lead shooting performance and make our cartridges the best in the industry and also reduce its impact on the environment. Now we can offer a cartridge with the two elements that are expelled from the front of the barrel of the shotgun—the shot and wad—having a limited, even positive impact on the environment,” Wildfowlers of all types in the UK and abroad will welcome this product as it directly meets a need within the market. Explains Eduardo Hernando, Eley Hawk Managing Director.

Eley Hawk will have samples of the wad at the British Shooting Show – Stand C10 where you will be able to see how it reacts to water while it dissolves. Additionally, the company’s staff on the stand will explain the features and benefits of the wad line at the booth during the show. Journalists are invited to stop by and check it out.

The new and innovative wad will be placed in the Steel Shot cartridges it produces a 32 gram for game shooting and 28-gram clay steel shooting load. Product Availability April 2019. Anticipated retail prices points are £380 – £390 per thousand for the game cartridges and £280 – £295 per thousand for the clay cartridge.


Steel shot game cartridges – In the UK it is illegal to use lead shot cartridges over open bodies of water – The Alternative Steel shot cartridges have for a long time had to use plastic wads to protect the barrels of the gun and the shooter while shooting. This Pro Eco wad changes dramatically what can be shot over water and the wad dissolving will reduce plastic waste in the environment.

The wad is made of organic materials these are harmless and breakdown quickly in the environment.

The Material used in the shot wad material complies with the regulations of Compost-ability EN13432 and ASTM 6400 and contains no toxins for the environment.

It is envisaged that this cartridge will be a major step forward for wildfowlers in the UK who often shoot over estuaries and wild environments who will welcome this major step forward in ballistics for their sport. Enabling them to be effective conservationists of the environment and reducing their impact significantly.

Steel clay shot cartridges – are often used in Nordic countries where lead use is restricted and with clay grounds seeking to reduce the plastic they have to recycle. This wad will ensure that they spend less time picking up plastic wads on their shooting grounds and consumers and shooting grounds can reduce their use of plastics.

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