By Anna Pigney

Summer Savings 2019

We have partnered with Home Hardware to offer you great savings this summer with Outdoor Living.

See the full catalogue at

We don't have all the items in stock but can most certainly order them in for you at these competitive prices, so please give us a ring on 017683051240 or pop into store. Locally delivery available.

By Anna Pigney

NEW Beeswax Wraps IN STOCK

Eco-friendly alternative to cling film

We have jumped on the eco-friendly band wagon and just taken delivery for these fantastic beeswax wraps. They are so versatile and come in a variety of sizes for all sorts of uses. Full range in stock in store, come in and try for yourself!

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garden furniture
By Anna Pigney

NEW Garden Furniture IN STOCK

We have recently sourced some traditional handcrafted garden furniture which is going down a storm with our customers, and it’s not even summer yet! Beautifully crafted, good quality and at GREAT price it’s no wonder it is such a hit.

The furniture is made on the edge of the Peak District by a company called Charles Taylor Trading who have the true traditional touch and with their ergonomic design, the furniture is not only is it comfortable, but helps with your posture and increases relaxation. No flat pack assembly nightmare as all the furniture comes ready built straight to put in your garden.

From garden planters to benches and table sets, there really is everyone you could need. Find their full range at, and pop in to pigneys to feel the quality for yourselves. We currently have in stock a range of planters, a 4 seater circular table set, 2 seater bench and planter bench, but can order anything that you require.

Loyalty Cards
By Anna Pigney

Loyalty Card Scheme

Your Loyalty means a lot to us here at Pigneys and we have had a really good response since we introduced the scheme giving over £750 off to our most loyal customers!

The scheme hasn’t got an expiry date and needs no signing up so why not #poptopigneys to start saving today.

Get £3 OFF when you spend £50

Pop to Pigneys to get your card and start saving today!

Claim £3 off a single transaction once you have spent £50* & collected all the stamps. This card entitles the holder to £3 OFF a single transaction following previously spending £50 in store. Valid in store on presentation of this card with 10 stamps. This card can only be used once and must be handed in on redemption. Card will only be stamped for cash sales and not credit customers. Card cannot be exchanged for cash. *excludes petrol, service & machinery sales.

rat poison
By Anna Pigney


In the new year, it will be compulsory for stores to track the sales of all rat poisons, as reported by

These new regulations will be put in place under EU directives and will affect the general public, pest controllers and even farmers. The new regulations will be put in place from January 1st of this year, as agreed by the European Union.

Due to new regulations put in place under EU directives we now have to keep records of how many rodent poisons which have been sold and to who (professional use only). Pest controllers will also have to sign up to a register, to make sure they are trained to use it properly.

Pest Management Users will require a PMU number to buy the rodent killer, and use it professionally. A herd/flock number will be a requirement for farmers to buy the product for professional use.

The new restrictions were voted in by the EU, because of the risks it has to people and animals, from primary and secondary poisoning to the environment. The restrictions are for AVK poisons, which is one of the most widely used rodenticide.

Under the new regulations, the public will also be restricted in their use of the product, solely to indoors and for mice control. They will be allowed to use it around buildings for rat control, though this has to be in tamper-resistant bait stations.

What does this mean for me?

PUBLIC: The public will also be restricted in the concentration which they can buy it, with lower doses to be available. In March the concentration for sale to the public will be reduced to under 30mg/kgs. The only ones who are permitted to use the rodenticides in open areas, are professional pest controllers. OLD STOCK STILL AVAILABLE WHILE STOCKS LAST UNTIL MARCH!
FARMERS: Farmers will also be affected by the new rules, and will only be allowed to use certain rodenticides close to buildings. They are only allowed to use tamper-resistant bait stations, once they have completed training on how to correctly use them.
Farmers will also not be allowed to use pulsed baiting techniques as well as permanent baiting systems.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out which bait you are allowed to buy and use.

light bulbs
By Anna Pigney

‘Old Style’ Light Bulbs ARE BACK

Over the last few years the traditional light bulb has been phased out and replaced by the more energy efficient halogen and LEDs. This has meant that coming in a for a light bulbs isn’t just as simple as it once was and has not only been baffling for our customers but us as well.

Halogen and especially LED bulbs have major advantages in energy saving but come at a cost to you the customer with the average LED costing around £4 compared the old style element bulbs which cost £1! There was always the dimmable problem with the new light bulbs leaving meaning this dimmable feature was useless these days.

Worry no more and the ‘old style’ light bulb is back coming in bayonet 60w & 100w as well as screw fitting. Some candle and golf ball bulbs will also be back.

Pop in store now to find out more information and get all your bulbs for the dark nights.