HUSQVARNA Grass Trimmer 129C

Only available in store, please contact for a competitive price which includes assembly and PDI – ready to go.

A superbly powerful, versatile and user friendly curved shaft grass trimmer, equally effective whether used for precise trimming or clearing larger patches of overgrown grass.

Engine/motor: 27.6cc 2-stroke
Power source: Power source: Petrol/oil mixture
Starting method: Recoil with Smart Start®
Maximum power speed 8000 rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 0.4 litres
Handlebars: Loop
Anti-vibration system: Ergonomic handle
Cutting System: Nylon line
Weight: 4.4kg


While a lawnmower is an essential part of maintaining a tidy, happy and healthy garden, there are always going to be some things that a bulky lawnmower cannot do. For a truly pristine finish, then, you will also want to have a grass trimmer to hand, thus providing the reach required to manage edges, borders and other areas of lawn your mower cannot access. A new addition to Husqvarna’s range of grass trimmers, the 129C is a tough but lightweight grass trimmer built with ease of use at the heart of its design, but also boasting all the power and precision you would expect of a Husqvarna machine.

Built with an impressively versatile T25 trimmer head, the 129C’s dual nylon line cutting system is equally effective whether used for precise trimming jobs or clearing larger patches of overgrown grass. For added convenience and increased efficiency, the trimmer head also features a handy ‘Tap & Go’ line advancement system; simply tap the cutting head on the ground and the nylon line will automatically be extended to an optimal working length. This cutting system is perfectly complemented by the overall design of the 129C, with features such as the comfortable ergonomic loop handle, the extended curved shaft and an incredibly lightweight build all helping to boost productivity and ensure that using the 129C is completely hassle free.

The power behind the cutting system, meanwhile, is provided by an equally remarkable 27.6cc E-Tech® II petrol engine, likewise designed for an outstanding combination of power and convenience. For example, the 129C is pleasingly easy to get running, in no small part thanks to the combination of an air purge system, which primes the carburettor prior to use, and clever Smart Start® technology which reduces the effort required to work the recoil start system by up to 40%. This ease of use is bolstered further by the inclusion of an auto-return engine stop switch which automatically resets to the ‘ON’ position for trouble-free starting, while the engine has also been built with a forged crankshaft for optimal performance and a catalytic convertor to reduce exhaust emissions.

All of this helps to ensure that Husqvarna’s 129C is reassuringly quiet and clean running, as well as being superbly powerful, versatile and user friendly, making Husqvarna’s 129C a grass trimmer perfect for even the most dedicated domestic gardener.

Product Features• Power provided by a hi-tech 27.6cc E-Tech® II petrol engine, built with a three piece forged crankshaft and catalytic convertor for reduced emissions

• Featuring Smart Start® technology and an efficient air purge system to facilitate quick and easy starting

• Auto-return engine stop switch automatically resets to the ‘ON’ position for added ease of use

• Transparent 0.34 litre fuel tank aids efficient task management by allowing you to see when you need to stop and refuel

• Built with a dual nylon line T25 trimmer head, featuring semi-automatic ‘Tap & Go’ line advancement for added ease of use and increased efficiency

•Ergonomic loop handle and extended shaft design combine with the 129C’s lightweight construction to ensure fantastic manoeuvrability, precision and control


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