Mountfield Princess 34Li Cordless Four-Wheel Rear-Roller Lawn Mower


Only available in store, please contact for a competitive price which includes assembly and PDI – ready to go.

  • A fine example of the now hugely popular battery-powered mower
  • Advanced lithium-ion battery develops an impressive 2.6Ah
  • Battery charges to full capacity in only three hours (and to 80% in two)
  • Rear-roller for the typically British lawn stripe
  • Rear-wheels have been fitted for enhanced manoeuvrability
  • Rugged poly chassis for impact- and rust-resistance
  • Vented grass-catcher means the maximum amount of cuttings can be packed-in
  • Six-step height-of-cut and three-on-one capability make it highly-versatile
  • Can collect; mulch; or rear-discharge cut grass

    Battery Type – Lithium-ion 1 x Battery Included
    Battery Power – 48V / 2.0Ah DC
    Battery Run Time – 40-60 mins (2 Cells)
    Battery Charge Time – 2 Hours
    Ave. Battery Life (Charge Cycles) – 2000
    Cutting Width – 34cm (13″)
    Cutting Heights – 25-75mm
    Height Adjustment – Single Lever (6 Positions)
    Grass Collector – 35 Litres
    Mulching – Yes
    Side-Discharge – No
    Cutting Deck – Durable Poly Plastic
    Blades – Metal
    Handles – Foldable
    Lawn Size – 100-400m2
    Weight – 13kg


If you’re looking to upgrade from an old mains-powered mower, but don’t fancy dealing with the inevitable hassle that comes with a petrol-driven machine, the cordless Mountfield Princess 34LI offers the perfect solution.

It comes with one high-performance 48V (2.0Ah) lithium-ion battery that will charge to capacity in less than 2 hours, and which will cut up to around 300-square-metres on that charge, depending on how challenging the grass conditions are.

A rear-roller mower, the Mountfield Princess 34LI will produce an enviable striped finish, and will remain stable when you’re mowing along borders. Unlike many roller-mowers, it’s equipped with rear-wheels too, so you’ll find easy to manoeuvre.

The Mountfield Princess 34LI Cordless Four-Wheel Rear-Roller Lawn Mower features a polypropylene chassis that will easily resist impact, while being inherently corrosion resistant.

It comes with a capacious 35-litre grassbox, which has vented sides to ensure it gets fully packed; and it offers a selection of six cutting-heights, so you can use the one that best suits the grass-length your working on and the type of finish you prefer (a grass comb ensures a particularly neat finish).


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