Suzuki King Quad ATVs
By Anna Pigney

Suzuki King Quad ATVs

There’s a reason it’s called the King Quad,
It’s a leader as you all can see.
With recent conquests traded in,
To purchase a new Suzuki
The weather may be cold now,
But our deals are really hot.
So why not “Pop to Pigneys”
And let’s show you what we’ve got
By Anna Pigney

Pigney’s Poet – Farming’s grand & Winter wonderland

Well Christmas is likely here,
And the Swale lambs are nearly fat.
But now they hold a foot up,
So enough said about that.

Farmers seldom moan you know,
Or so that’s what they say.
Let’s hope DEFRA is feeling festive,
Sending SFP cheques without delay.

It won’t be a white Christmas,
Hurricane Babs has seen to that,
It’s gonna get up a bit windy,
So please hang on to ya hat!

I’d better put my pen down,
And start shopping, I do fear.
So all that remains from Pigneys Poet
Is to wish you all festive cheer.

Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year